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3 Articles That Prove Young People Love Texting



Instinctively we assume that young people love texting.

We see teens staring at their phones at the mall. We notice young adults texting during meetings. But how do we really know that young people love texting? Is it all just circumstantial observation?

No way. Youth’s love for texting is a real phenomenon.

Here are 3 articles that prove young people love texting.

  1. Communicating through group texting

This article from discusses the prominence of texting among kids today. It argues some of the pros and cons of the rise of texting and points out how communication plays out in today’s modern world.

  1. Mobile Marketing Watch

Drawing from conclusions based on an OpenMarket survey, this article’s main point is that “texting is the most preferred channel for two-way business-to-millennial communications.”

According to this article, “The findings revealed that SMS, or text messaging, is the obvious choice for customer engagement, with texting cited as the most preferred communication channel for receiving notifications from businesses.”

  1. BizReport

This article draws from the same OpenMarket survey but goes a little deeper in pointing out some of the specific findings of the survey. Some of these include:

  • 83% of millennials report that they respond to text messages within 90 seconds of receiving them
  • 60% of millennials receive only 5 or fewer business text weekly, but most report wanting to be able to text with businesses
  • 50% of millennials would prefer to receive alerts about fraud through text message
  • 80% of millennials would be more likely to text than call an 800 number
  • 62% of millennials want reminders of appointments through texting
  • 50% of millennials want reminders of deliveries or payments via text

These statistics help prove that young people love texting!

Articles and studies such as these definitely do a lot to confirm our observations. Yes, young people love texting. Yes, for many people it starts at childhood and carries into adulthood.

So what does this mean for us? It means that if we’re trying to get a message across to a group of young people, we’re missing out if we don’t take advantage of their preferred method of communication.

Texting is prominent, important, and often untapped. So what are you going to do about it?

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