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27 Technology Life Hacks to Make You Feel Organized and Awesome

27 Technology Life Hacks

Life hacks are all the rage right now, so I thought I would do a little digging and find some technology life hacks to make you feel organized and awesome!


PopSugar has some great life hacks, including the following:

  1. Using the hands of Lego characters to hold cords and wires
  2. Putting your phone in a cup or drinking glass to amplify volume
  3. Using an old, deactivated iPhone as an iPod Touch
  4. Switching your phone to Airplane Mode to help it charge faster
  5. Refraining from sending emails that are only half finished by keeping your recipient field empty until you are completely done typing out your message (this is one that I need to follow more often!)
  6. Using Instagram images as artwork by turning them into DIY canvas prints


Another blogger lists other useful technology life hacks:

  1. Snapping an image of your fridge or pantry to remind you of what to buy when you go to the store
  2. Charging your phone in a TV’s USB port when outlet space is limited
  3. “Refreshing” your phone’s signal by switching your phone to airplane mode and back
  4. Using different colors for the right and left tips of your earphones so that you can tell them apart
  5. Taking a screenshot of directions from your navigation app if your phone’s battery is running low, so that you don’t need to keep the app running while you’re driving


Here are some life hacks to help you save space on your phone:

  1. Keeping an eye on the apps that use up a lot of space on your phone (manage this by going to the Storage section in your Settings)
  2. Deleting apps that are generally unused
  3. Using Spotify instead of saving a lot of music
  4. Deleting old text messages
  5. Using the app Dropbox to keep information online rather than your phone
  6. Clearing history and cookies from your browser


And finally, some hacks to help keep your battery running longer:

  1. Disenabling some apps from using data
  2. Keeping your phone face down when not in use (doing this will prevent some phones from lighting up as text messages and notifications come in)
  3. Turning brightness down and switching auto-brightness to “off”
  4. Switching “Reduce Motion” to “on” (for some phones this will reduce the phone’s animation, thus causing the battery to run down slower)
  5. Changing from color to grayscale
  6. Disenabling notifications completely
  7. Reducing the length of time that your phone waits before it auto-locks
  8. Getting connected to Wi-Fi whenever possible (Wi-Fi runs the battery down slower than data accessed on your phone’s cell network)
  9. Disenabling “Location Services”
  10. Disenabling automatic updates for your apps


What are some great technology life hacks that you’ve found work well for you?

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