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24th YMCA Signs Up For Mobile Text Alerts

One of the fastest growing Text Alerts markets has been health clubs.  Whether it be weather cancellations, promos, upcoming events, or just general information, the wealth of information that these health clubs need to get out makes text alerts a very viable way to proceed.  Our favorite health club is the YMCA.  We just signed up our 24th YMCA to send out text alerts.


YMCAs from all over the country have found sending out text alerts to be “the most effective way to get information across to our members.”  We are proud to be a partner with an organization that is set on helping their community (especially youth).  Some of my fondest memories come from 3rd grade YMCA flag football — These memories would have never been possible without the hard work of the YMCA and it’s employees.

There are 2,686 YMCAs in the United States, so we only have 2,662 more to go to reach them all.  If you are part of a YMCA, and would like to start a text alert system, you can go ahead and get a free trial going at — All YMCAs receive 15% off list prices.


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