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24 Helpful Text Alert System Features

If you’re thinking about sending text alerts, do you know what text alert system features will benefit you for your purposes?

What type of functionality do you need?

What kinds of things do you want your text alert system to be able to do?

Below is a list of 24 helpful text alert system features. Many of them may or may not be relevant to you, but it’s helpful to see what exists so you can know what’s available!

text alert system features
  1. Send picture messages
  2. Include recipients’ first and last names in messages
  3. Schedule messages ahead of time
  4. Post messages to Facebook
  5. Have messages repeat at specified intervals
  6. Set up message templates
  7. Set up SMS drip campaigns
  8. View and respond back to replies people send to your messages
  9. Send out mobile surveys
  10. Store subscriber information
  11. Have people sign up for text alerts via an online sign-up page
  12. Import subscribers from a spreadsheet
  13. Integrate with other services, such as Active Directory, MailChimp, and ConstantContact
  14. View a list of everyone who has opted out
  15. Segment subscribers into groups
  16. Set up keywords people can text in to subscribe to your alerts
  17. Keep track of customer loyalty rewards and send messages when people earn loyalty points
  18. Create and send out digital coupons
  19. Set up a giveaway drawing on Facebook
  20. Run a text-in giveaway drawing
  21. Set up different administrators to send messages for your account
  22. View reports detailing subscriber sign-up information
  23. View message reports showing who each message was sent to
  24. Track link click information for links sent in your messages

You’ll want to take advantage of the features that will help you make the most out of your message sending purposes, whatever they may be!

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