View a video version of this tutorial here:

You can’t take full advantage of your Mobile Text Alerts services if you don’t know how to manage your subscribers! This tutorial will show you how to add, edit, and delete subscribers manually from to “Manage Subscribers” section of your control panel.


manage subscribers- viewing subscribers

Adding Subscribers

To add a subscriber, click the green “Add a Subscriber” button toward the top of the subscriber table.  This will insert a new row to your subscriber table.

manage subscribers- Add a subscriber

Fill out the desired information for your new subscriber.  None of the information is required.  Click “Save” when you are done and your new entry will be added.


Editing Subscribers

To edit the information for a subscriber, click the “Edit” icon on the row of the subscriber you want to edit.

edit subscriber

You can then change any information for that subscriber, such as name or phone number.  Be sure to click “Save” when you are done to make sure your changes are saved.


Deleting Subscribers

To delete subscribers, click on the row of a subscriber to highlight it, or hold shift to select the rows of multiple subscribers.

remove subscriber

Then click the red “Remove Subscribers” button toward the top to delete the selected subscriber(s).

HINT: To bulk delete a large number of subscribers, it may be helpful to change away from the “Select 10 Entries” in order to show a larger number of entries.  You can then delete up to 100 numbers at a time.


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4 articles about how people use text alerts

Unique. New. Innovative.

People always look for the next new thing. But sometimes we just need to utilize and take full advantage of what we already have.

Text messaging is one of the those things.

People use text messages in all sorts of interesting ways.

All over the world, across the threshold of hundreds of different industries, to many different audiences…

Here are 4 different articles to help illustrate my point and show how people use text alerts.

Receiving updates from gas and electric companies

This article mentions how gas and utility companies can use text alerts “to contact consumers with severe weather and service warnings.”

Is there a power outage? Your electric company could let you know via text messaging. This could be a huge benefit to utility companies as well as the customers they serve.

Registering to vote

The state of Georgia implemented a new policy that uses text messaging in reverse. Instead of simply sending messages out to its residents, the state allows citizens to text in to register for voting.

All that people need to do is text “Georgia” to 28683 and they can register or see what their current voting status is. The ease and convenience of this method is sure to draw more voters for the upcoming elections.

Improving health in India

People in India realize the potential for using text alerts to improve the health of Indian citizens. The article mentions studies that show how text messaging can help decrease instances of diabetes and help increase cessation of tobacco consumption.

The article points out, “Text messaging is a particularly effective and inexpensive intervention because people carry their mobile phones with them through the day and the messages reach them without need for consistent connectivity or Internet capability.”

Increasing college performance

Some colleges send text alerts to students or potential students in an effort to increase enrollment and retention. Messages that colleges send include reminders regarding scholarships and encouragement to enroll in a full amount of credits, among other updates and reminders.

Another benefit to this type of program is the ability for students to reply to the messages. A counselor or other staff member can personally reply and offer the students personalized assistance.

How People Use Text Alerts

From Georgia to India, from colleges to electric companies—text messaging works for almost any industry.

Though text messaging has been around for a long time, people around the world are finally beginning to understand its significance.

Try a free text alert test account here!

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How Texting is Changing Radio and TV Ads (1)

How to gauge the success of radio or TV ads?

This is a question that has haunted many an advertiser.

According to BusinessWire, 1-800 numbers have been a primary means for keeping track of responses to these kinds of advertisements. By setting up a 1-800 number unique to a particular ad, the marketer can easily know who is responding directly to the ad by tracking who calls the number.

Texting offers a new and more efficient way and is changing radio and TV ads.

Some examples…

Free Ice Cream!

Our shortcode here at Mobile Text Alerts is 48421. If you represent a company that sells ice cream you might set up a text alerts account and create a group with the keyword “icecream.”

If you run a radio ad, you could then include a message along the lines of, “Text icecream to 48421 and receive your first cone free!” at the end of your advertisement. Anyone who follows the instructions by texting in your keyword will be added to your group, and this can help you keep track of the success of your ad!

25% Off Store Purchase!

If your store is running a sale and puts out a TV ad to let people know about the sale, you could set up a keyword “discount.” Insert the message “Text discount to 48421 to receive a 25% off coupon on your visit!”

Run your ad and watch the responses flood in!

Turn Your Keyword into a Jingle!

Jingles are extremely popular among radio and TV ads. You can try increasing the likelihood of people responding to your ad by turning the keyword and shortcode number into a jingle!

It’s easy to imagine a radio jingle: “Text F-R-E-E to 48421!”

Is It Effective?

Is texting changing radio and TV ads?

The BusinessWire article goes as far as to say that “people are as much as 4 times more likely to respond to a radio ad via text than call an 800 number.”

It doesn’t seem a huge logical leap to conclude that people are more likely to text than call in response to an ad. We live in a day and age of smartphones and digital communication, and this seems a natural next step in radio and TV advertising.

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Allyson Felix Gets Bumped, Ruined Relay Handoff Causes Disqualification for U.S.

Oh the pressures of being an Olympian!

I can’t even imagine the weight and stress involved in competing in the Olympics.  And for someone like Allyson Felix, the pressure is multiplied because of all the expectations piled upon you.

I like Allyson Felix, and that’s why it was so heartbreaking to watch the following video from Thursday:

Allyson Felix gets bumped, causing her to botch the baton handoff and therefore disqualify the US from the 4×100 relay.  Luckily, according to the YouTube description from NBC, the US will be given another chance to qualify on Thursday.

The look on Felix’s face as she realizes her error is devastating and my heart goes out to her.  The announcer on the video said it right: It wasn’t a lack of skill that caused the problem but a plain and simple accident caused by physical contact made with the Brazilian runner in the other lane.

Felix explains her own disappointed reaction in the video below:

I say we support Felix and speak words of encouragement!  Bad stuff like this happens, and the US team is going to be given another chance.

I have a feeling she won’t let this shake her.  Every time I see her interviewed she always sounds positive and confident.  So I predict that she’ll shrug this off and make the United States of America proud.

In other Olympic news…

  • China’s athletes struggle to live up to the former glory of the London and Beijing Olympics and some members of the Chinese community are beginning to rethink the nation’s emphasis on winning golds.
  • Ryan Lochte issued an apology regarding his actions surrounding the supposed robbery he claimed to have experienced in Rio.  Read the story from the Chicago Tribune.

Have you been following the Olympics?  What are your favorite sports and who are your favorite athletes?

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connect with friends and family using text alerts


Mass text alerts are great for personal communication!

They’re not just for business or non-profit organizations.  Here are fun and creative ways to send text alerts to connect with friends and family.

1. Birthday Parties

I don’t know about your family, but my family is huge and constantly growing.

It takes a lot of coordination just to plan a simple event like a birthday party, and it seems there are birthdays all the time!

Text alerts offer a simple solution to keep friends or family members updated about these kinds of events.

2. Outings

With a lot of friends and family comes a lot of coordination when it comes to planning outings together!

With text alerts, you can easily send messages about dates, times, or other details important to your event.

3. Weddings

Is there a wedding in the family?

Keep the wedding party and family organized with text alerts.

You can also provide updates to guests via text alerts.

HINT: Put your keyword on your invitation! Your guests can then text in your keyword so they can receive your updates.

4. Family Reunions

Text alerts make it so easy to keep people updated during large family reunions.

No more scrambling trying to let everyone know about itineraries and changes!  Send a simple message and it goes out to everybody all at once.

People don’t always check their email, especially when out of town.  Not everyone has a social media account.

Text alerts, then, provide the best way to get info out for your family reunion.

Give it a try!

These are just a few ideas of ways you can use text alerts in your personal life, to connect with friends and family.

The possibilities really are endless!

Sign up for a free trial and start improving communication with your friends and family today!


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Top Olympic athletes of all time

Thousands of Olympic athletes.

Hundreds of different events.

How is it possible to select the top Olympic athletes of all time? You may be surprised to find that there seems to be a general consensus when it comes to lists such as this (see lists from NBC, SportsMuntra, and Bleacher Report).

There are particular athletes that have proven beyond a doubt that they deserve a place in the list of the greatest of all time.

These are 5 top Olympic athletes you need to know.

5. Mark Spitz

This swimmer from the United States made history with his accomplishment in the 1972 Munich Summer Olympics. He won 7 gold medals during the course of the Games.

These 7 were in addition to 2 gold medals, 1 silver medal, and 1 bronze medal he won in the 1968 Mexico City Olympics. According to SportsMuntra, this made him one of the most decorated Olympic athletes of all time.

4. Nikolai Andrianov

Gymnast Andrianov of the Soviet Union was a force to be reckoned with. His count of 15 medals (including 7 gold) was the Olympic record for men until Michael Phelps broke it.

Like Spitz, Andrianov competed in the 1972 Munich Olympics but also went on to compete in the 1976 Montreal Olympics and the 1980 Moscow Olympics. From SportsMuntra: “He still holds the men’s record for most individual Olympic medals in Artistic Gymnastics.”

3. Usain Bolt

Still going strong, this Jamaican sprinter runs all over his competition. NBC calls him “the greatest sprinter of all time.”

Want proof? Try 7 gold medals (thus far) and 2 world records – and it ain’t over yet! His races in Rio are sure to bolster his already outstanding track record (pardon the pun).

2. Larisa Latynina

According to NBC, Soviet gymanst Latynina’s 14 individual event medals still constitute the world record. She also held the record for the most total Olympic medals (18) until Phelps overtook it. Pretty impressive, considering she made this record in the 1964 Tokyo Olympics (48 years prior)!

She could easily be considered the greatest gymnast of all time and certainly one of the greatest athletes in the history of the world.

1. Michael Phelps

Of course, a list like this would not be complete without Michael Phelps. If you haven’t heard of Phelps you may be living under a rock, but for those who haven’t, he is an American swimmer who has broken several world records.

With an unheard-of 28 medals in his entire Olympic career over the course of 4 separate Olympic Games, Phelps is an unstoppable force.

His name is sure to go down in history as the greatest Olympic athlete of all time and that prestigious title is well deserved.

Bonus fun fact:

Although not one of the top Olympic athletes of all time, Frank Kugler nevertheless remains the only person to boast an Olympic medal in 3 separate sports: freestyle wrestling, two-hand dumbbell, and tug-o-war (according to Bleacher Report). Betcha didn’t know that!

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Best URL Shorteners

Text message marketing is all the rage right now. Plenty of businesses are investing in this unexpected marketing channel – and that’s because text messages work. In this day and age, consumers treat smartphones as extensions of themselves and always keep them within reach. Mobile interactions are very personal and easily boost consumer engagement with the brand or product.

Another critical feature of SMS marketing is its immediacy. All it takes is hearing the beep of a notification and a quick glance at the screen to get the message. One study suggests a smashing 98% open rate for texts. And that’s not the end of it. More than a third of recipients positively responds to calls-to-action included in these messages.

One way to add instant value to your SMS marketing messages is including a URL to specific online content, for instance a landing page for your new product. That’s where you should consider shortening your URL.

There are at least a few benefits of shortening your URLs for SMS marketing (we’ll get to a list of the best URL shorteners a bit later).

1. You gain extra space

Adding a long URL reduces the number of characters available for your message. Since an SMS can contain up to 160 characters, every single one counts a lot. You need to make the most out of this space and shortening your URL is an excellent idea.

With a URL shortening tool, you can limit your URL to 12 characters to gain back lots of valuable space for your marketing messaging and successfully persuade recipients to follow your calls-to-action.

2. Speed of response

SMS marketing is characterized by a really fast response rate – you can practically trace the response to your messaging as it unfolds. Doing this, you’ll be able to make quick decisions and boost your click-through results.

A shortened URL can be moved from the top to the middle and bottom of the message – experiment with its structure and count in other factors to develop a strategy that works for your target.

3. Improved reporting

Adding a shortened URL to your message, you’ll be able to develop an individual code for each message sent to an individual number. This is of immense value for reporting – you can easily see who opens your messages and clicks through to the targeted URL. Most analytics tools will also show you how they’re accessing this URL too.

4. Boost in campaign agility

With a wealth of tracking data at your disposal, you’ll be able to closely monitor your campaign and retarget it in a matter of minutes. If your click-through rates are lower than expected, analyze possible reasons for that and experiment with different message formats. If they are high, you’ll have solid proof that your message resonates with your target.

5. This type of marketing has a future

Since technology develops at an increasing pace, it’s hard for businesses to stay on the leading edge of innovation. Still, it’s clear that we’re moving towards solutions that allow brands to interact with consumers on a personal level. Personalization of marketing messaging is a strong trend and brands are likely to capitalize on SMS marketing with its connection to the online world via smart shortened URLs.

Best URL Shorteners

Now that you know that shortening your URLs is a good idea, here are some of the best URL shorteners to help you tailor your SMS marketing campaign to make the most from it.

All these tools allow you to track the number of recipients who click on the link and are compatible with both iOS and Android.

Use them to shorten your URLs and deliver SMS marketing messaging that resonates with your audience and boasts a high click-through rate, helping your brand to grow in its niche.

Guest Author Bio:

James Pointon is a blogger and a customer consultant working at OpenAgent – Australian experts in the real estate industry. James is particularly interested in new ways of reaching and retaining customers. Follow him at LinkedIn.

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new york times olympic text alerts

Sweat, tears, excitement, intrigue—

The Olympic Games cause a stir among people all over the world!

The Thrills

From Michael Phelps blowing past Olympians out of the water with his 26th medal (22 of which are gold medals) to the tense expectations surrounding Simone Biles as she successfully attempted to become the all-around champion for women’s gymnastics—the Olympics certainly have no lack of drama.

The appeal of the athletes and the intensity of the games themselves would be enough to draw people in and engage them in the events. But one news outlet is taking it a step further.

Olympic Text Alerts

The New York Times is sending text messages to interested readers regarding Olympic activities, in an attempt to create a personal, engaging experience for readers.

CNNMoney reports, “Unlike email alerts or push notifications, these texts will give readers an informal, behind-the-scenes look at the Games, almost as if they had a friend texting them directly.”


CNNMoney then quotes the Times‘ director of personalization:

“People have asked, ‘Couldn’t you just do this on Twitter’. … We could, except this is a much more personal relationship. We can show up in the same place as your friend, your mom and your work colleague.”

The goal is to make the Games personal to the user, to draw them in and give them an interesting and memorable experience. It is a new strategy the Times is trying and they foresee the potential to use similar strategies when covering other major events.

Olympic Success!

Will it prove to be successful? I think so! People respond to the method of communication that is most familiar to them.  And for most people that method is SMS texting or similar messaging apps.

I predict these Olympic text alerts will be a smash hit!

It comes as no surprise that the Times would roll out text messaging as a way to interact with readers. 76% of mobile phone users report having sent or received SMS text messages from businesses.

Newspapers are apparently the next industry to jump on the bandwagon!

You can send out mass text messages as well!  Sign up for a free test account today.

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where do your texts go

Ever wonder what happens when you hit “Send” after typing out a text message?

Where do your texts go?  How does the other person end up receiving the message on their end?

A newly trending YouTube video seeks to satisfy your curiosity and help you understand a bit about this process.  This video has been out for less than a week and already has almost 1 million views.

Take a look.

What makes this video so appealing?

Here’s what I liked about it:


Positive 1: It was definitely fascinating to try to wrap my mind around all that is involved in sending and receiving text messages.  It’s a simple activity that I do every day and yet I never stop to think too much about how it’s done!

Positive 2: The simple graphics and illustrations made the video seem less complicated than it really was and successfully presented the information in a fun and engaging way.

Positive 3: The brief history of communication in the introduction of the video caught my interest, and the fun facts about the cell phone and the first text message hooked me in from the very beginning.

Positive 4: The video gave some practical application of the info presented as it explained reasons why your phone’s battery might be dying or why you might not have good service in rural places, on the road, etc.

But in the interest of nitpicking, I did have a few qualms.

Negative 1: Although the animations were simple, fun, and colorful, I still got a little lost in all the information.  There was so much info thrown at me that I felt like I had to watch the video again to actually understand it.  Even on second watch I still felt it was too much info going by too fast.

Negative 2: Despite the cartoonish illustrations, the presentation was admittedly dull in certain parts.  For science enthusiasts (which perhaps is what the video is mostly geared toward?) I’m sure it’s all fascinating, but some parts could have been left out or trimmed down.

Negative 3: There was a little bit of profanity.  Call me a prude, but while it was apparently meant to be humorous it came across as unnecessary and unprofessional.


Overall, however, I applaud AsapSCIENCE’s effort to engage their audience in useful scientific information.  After watching this video, you will finally have an answer to the question, “Where do your texts go?”

It’s great to be in the know!

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75 unique industries that send text alerts

Who knew text alerts had so many uses?

Hundreds and thousands of individuals, organizations, and industries use text alerts to connect with their audience. From small businesses to educational institutions to health offices, there are so many different kinds of industries that recognize the benefits!

Don’t believe me?

In no particular order, here are 75 unique industries that send text alerts.

  1. Car dealerships
  2. Salons
  3. Banks
  4. Colleges
  5. Book clubs
  6. Boy scouts
  7. YMCA’s
  8. Churches
  9. Tattoo shops
  10. Country clubs
  11. Doctor’s offices
  12. Religious non-profits
  13. Youth ministries
  14. Emergency services
  15. Homeowners associations
  16. Insurance companies
  17. Hotels
  18. Daycare centers
  19. Schools
  20. Fire departments
  21. Wrestling associations
  22. Local government offices
  23. Law offices
  24. Apartment complexes
  25. Rehabilitation centers
  26. Football teams
  27. Stock traders
  28. Recycling companies
  29. Trucking organizations
  30. Athletic clubs
  31. Motorcycle clubs
  32. Transit systems
  33. Aquariums
  34. Farmers
  35. Home builders associations
  36. Magazines
  37. Dance studios
  38. Realty organizations
  39. Ski shops
  40. Hospitals
  41. Cafes
  42. Towing companies
  43. Tennis associations
  44. Unions
  45. Bloggers
  46. Dental offices
  47. Swim clubs
  48. Camps
  49. Food banks
  50. Golf leagues
  51. Electric companies
  52. Fraternities and sororities
  53. Construction companies
  54. Restaurants
  55. Couponing services
  56. Military academies
  57. Youth groups
  58. Eye care offices
  59. Chambers of commerce
  60. Airports
  61. Seminaries
  62. Museums
  63. Limousine services
  64. Parishes
  65. Landscaping companies
  66. Resorts
  67. Synagogues
  68. Police departments
  69. Performing arts centers
  70. Amusement parks
  71. Little leagues
  72. Auctions
  73. LuLaRoe retailers
  74. Funeral homes
  75. Security organizations

We really could go on and on!

These industries have all found that texting is an efficient and useful way to connect with their audience, whether it’s to get updates out, send reminders, make announcements, or any other type of communication.

Texting is the best way to get this information out quickly, to ensure that people actually read what you’re trying to say.

The ability to send text alerts is a useful and convenient tool for any type of industry—whether you are one person or a whole company!

Ready to try it for yourself?

Sign up today for a free trial of a text alert system.

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