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Millennials don’t like talking on the phone or leaving voicemails.  Intuitively we are seeing this all around us.  We hear about how for Millennials, texting is on the rise and about how nobody seems to call anymore.  We see businesses integrating texting into their customer service—from dentists sending out text messages reminding patients of upcoming appointments, to retailers answering customer questions via text message.

The Claim

As a Millennial myself, I personally can relate to this rise of the text message.  I would much rather have somebody send me a text than a voicemail.  Texts are just so convenient, if a bit impersonal.  This article from Forbes discusses research and other societal indicators of something that the general public already seems to know: that texting is on the rise while voicemails are becoming a thing of the past.

The Data

According to the Forbes article, recent (2014) data from Gallup and slightly older (2010) data from Nielsen offered evidence of this phenomenon.  Gallup’s study concluded, “Sending and receiving text messages is the most prevalent form of communication for Americans younger than 50.”  The Nielsen data pointed out how young adults’ average use of voice minutes declined by about 300 minutes per month between 2008 and 2010 (from about 1,200 minutes per month to about 900 minutes per month).

The Implications

For any kind of organization—whether it be a big business, small business, non-profit, or even a community or family—the implications of these observations are important.  No longer are phone messages the best way to reach out to employees, associates, customers, clients, patients, church members, community members, friends, or family.

Some organizations may have to do a complete overhaul of their internal communication methods or of their marketing methods.  Some families may have to restructure how different members relate to one another.  (As some of the articles mentioned, you who are parents and grandparents may be encouraged to know that your children/grandchildren aren’t intentionally ignoring your phone calls; send them a text, and see how quickly they reply back!)


Technology changes.  Society changes.  What do you think of these current trends in society?  Do you think young people text too much, or do you like the changes that are happening?

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Running a daycare or a preschool is an exhausting task indeed!  Chasing those pint-sized kiddos around, wiping noses, maintaining order in the midst of all the chaos—all in a day’s work.  Daycare workers (and the parents of children in daycare) certainly need all the help they can get.


One way that some daycare and preschool workers have found to help keep everything organized is by sending out text alerts.  Here are 9 ways that daycares and preschools use text alerts.

  1. Holiday hours and closings

Parents depend on the childcare provided by daycares and preschools on a weekly basis.  They need to be reminded of what your special closing times are, especially during holiday season.  Will you be open Christmas Eve?  How about Labor Day?  Are you going on vacation?  A simple text can save parents (and staff) a lot of confusion.

  1. Payment balances and due dates

It is easy for people to lose track of their bills—to forget how much they owe or when payments are due.  Text alerts are a convenient way to send out gentle reminders to people about their bills.

  1. Supplies for children

Some of our daycare customers use text alerts to request parents to bring wipes, diapers, blankets, or other such supplies for their children.  These kinds of texts help ensure that every child has what he or she needs.

  1. Staff members

Sending out text alerts is not only good to help keep parents organized, it is also good for coordinating staff members.  Make sure everyone on staff knows where they need to be and what they need to be doing.  Let them know about meeting times, schedules, tasks, and anything else that concerns them.

  1. Weather-related closings and delays

When the weather outside is frightful, use text alerts to let people know if facilities will be closed or if opening times will be delayed.  Let parents know if you need to close early for the day or if special events need to be canceled due to the severe weather.

  1. Transportation availability

Some daycares and preschools offer transportation for picking up and dropping off children.  If your daycare/preschool offers this, then you can use text alerts to let people know when and where your transportation is available.  You can let people know if your transportation schedule needs to change or if transportation is going to be unavailable on a certain day.

  1. Child’s status

If a child in your daycare or preschool experiences a minor problem during the day, such as a minor health issue or injury, then parents will appreciate being kept updated on their child’s status.  Some of our daycare customers use text alerts to let parents know if their child has a slight fever, got a small cut, or if the child simply misses the parent.

  1. Updated forms

Many parents forget to hand in all the necessary updated forms for their child.  Text alerts can be a great way to remind parents to fill out health insurance information, immunization records, or any other vital forms for your records.

  1. Special days and events

Use text alerts to remind parents and staff about special days and events.  Let parents know to have their child dressed for Picture Day; remind them about the upcoming field trip to the zoo, or about any other special event.


Daycares and preschools certainly require a lot of coordination and communication among teachers, staff, parents, and everyone else involved.  Let us know if you have any suggestions on how you use text alerts to keep organized!

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doctor with female patient

A new study at the Yale Cancer Center is taking advantage of texting technology, according to WTNH News8.  Liz Fisher, a breast cancer patient, decided to sign up for this study, which is called the Breast Cancer Endocrine Therapy Adherence (BETA) study.

BETA allowed Liz to be texted reminders to take her daily Femara (a drug to help prevent her cancer from coming back).  According to the article, Liz said, “I’ve no family history of any kind of illness and I’ve never been a pill taker.”

She also said, “There is so much that’s new when you suddenly have cancer that one more new thing, taking, knowing that you have a medication every single day without fail regardless, that reminder is important.”

So with that line of thinking, Liz wanted reminders to take her medication.  She said that she remembered to take her medication every day.

Another facet of these text alerts is sending a message to the patients once per week about what kind of side effects they may be having.  The patients can then respond and give feedback on what they may be experiencing and can receive help and advice.

Dr. Sarah Mougalian is a lead investigator for the BETA study.  In the article, she discussed how “even as many as a quarter of patients don’t take their medication as prescribed.”  She would like more women to participate in the study so that they can receive these text alerts as reminders.

I think that sending these kinds of text alerts is a great way to use this technology.  Forgetting to take daily medication for these patients can have serious consequences for the future as the cancer has a greater risk of returning.  These reminders can help save lives!  And the capability to get feedback from patients makes the service even more valuable.

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It seems like gyms, health clubs, and fitness centers/studios are a dime a dozen these days.  They are everywhere!  I see billboards all over town advertising the latest gym promotion or the newest Zumba studio.  How can a fitness organization stand out in the crowd?  One way is by sending out text alerts.  Here are 7 ways that fitness organizations use text alerts.


  1. Delays and cancellations

Is the dance instructor caught in traffic?  Is there a foot of snow outside and is the blizzard still raging strong?  A simple text message can let people know if classes will be delayed or cancelled, or if facilities will be closed.

  1. Other updates

In addition to updating people about delays and cancellations, text alerts can inform people about other pertinent updates.  Maybe the swimming class has to be rescheduled, or maybe your customers and members need to know some extra details about an upcoming event.

  1. Promotions

Text messaging is a great way to fill people in on your latest promotion.  Let members, or potential members, know about new discounts or new products.

  1. Advertising classes and events

Not only can you use text alerts to let people know about new promotions, you can also let them know about upcoming classes and events.  If they receive text messages on their phones, they will be more likely to sign up for your classes and attend your events.

  1. Reminders

After your customers have signed up for a class or an event, be sure to send them reminders when the event is drawing near!  Reminders greatly decrease the chances of having no-shows.  With all the craziness and busyness of life, people need reminders, and in this day and age a text message is the best way to remind them.

  1. Customer retention

Sending out all of these updates and reminders to your members will increase their chances of being involved.  Involved customers means happy customers.  Happy customers means renewed membership.  And renewed membership means happy you!

  1. Winning lost customers back

Losing a customer is a terrible thing.  But you can use text messages to try to win lost customers back!  Let them know how much you appreciate their business; give them discounts and special offers.  Use your powers of persuasion to gently convince them about what they are missing without your services.


There are many ways to take advantage of text alerts to improve your gym or studio and to get your members involved!  If you haven’t tried it out already, get started with a free trial at https://mobile-text-alerts.com/signup.

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