Text Alerts for Authors

If you’re an author trying to make it in the current market, you know how tough it is to stand out!  Everyone is an author these days, and your voice can get lost in the sea of amateurs.  How can you get yourself heard?  How can you build up your fan base?  Many authors are turning to text messages to help market their material.  “Text alerts for authors” is a concept that is on the rise as authors find new and creative ways to get their fan base engaged.

Promoting New Releases

As an author, you can give your fans the inside scoop on new material in the works.  You can update them on your writing progress to build up anticipation for your new release, and you can inform your audience about release dates and other relevant information.  (This is especially useful for authors who publish new material often.)

Promoting Sales and Giveaways

You can utilize text messages to let your fans know when your material is on sale, or when you are sponsoring a giveaway.  Everybody appreciates free (or reduced price) stuff, and people are much more likely to be aware of these opportunities if they receive updates on their own personal phone.

Getting Personal

Really connecting with your audience helps them relate to you.  Texting personal messages is a great way to let your fans get to know the real you.  If they feel like they know you, they will be more likely to remain loyal to you!


There are many more ways that authors can take advantage of text alerts—texting a link to a free ebook sample of your work, sending out a text-only promo code that your fans can use to get a discount, etc.  You can even set it up so that your fans can give you personal feedback.  So don’t be scared to try something new!  Your creativity is your only limit.

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texting behavior

Have you ever sent a text while in the shower?  Or while at a funeral??

Texting, as we know and have discussed before, is definitely convenient and useful, but as with anything there are social protocols that should be followed.  According to this article, many people are engaging in inappropriate texting behavior, texting in situations that most would consider to be “socially unacceptable.”  So for the sake of clarity I thought I would write up a non-comprehensive list of times when it is not appropriate to text.

In church

Unless the pastor is using texts as part of the sermon, generally speaking we should refrain from texting during the church service.  I mean, really, it’s only 1-2 hours or so out of our week—are we really incapable of staying off our phones for that short a time period?

On a date/outing

Whether it’s a date with our spouse (or boyfriend/girlfriend), lunch with one of our best friends, or a one-on-one dinner with our child, whoever we are with should get our full attention.  We should cherish the one-on-one time we get with people, and texting during these times can really put a damper on good conversation.

In class

For college or high school students, unless you are part of a classroom in which the teacher utilizes text messaging as part of the instruction (a la teacher text), you should not be texting your friends and family during class.  In my college classes I witnessed many people doing this (and, admittedly, I may have done it a time or two myself), but it really is rude and disrespectful.  And it is very noticeable, to both the instructor and the classmates around you.

During a funeral

This should go without saying, but according to the results in the article above, people actually do this!  Honestly, during a funeral service?  That’s just tasteless.  Enough said.


So although texting is a wonderful and useful tool, let’s be sure to use it with wisdom.  Like any tool, it can be abused.  That being said, happy texting!

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Teacher Text

“Teacher Text” (as described in this Ed Tech Magazine article) is a concept that is rising in popularity.  Teacher Text refers to the utilization of text messages for educational purposes.  I personally have been a student of a professor who engaged in Teacher Text when teaching her Research Methods class.  Here’s how it worked.

Opting In

The professor sent an email and posted a note online informing us that if we wanted to receive her text alerts, we could opt in by texting a certain number.  I immediately thought, “Wow, what a good idea!”  And I opted in as soon as I could.

Receiving Updates

Throughout the week, the professor would send out updates and reminders about homework that was due or assignments that were coming up.  It was an online class, so it was especially helpful to be reminded that “The first draft of your paper is due Thursday!” or “Don’t forget to post on the discussion board by 5:00 this evening!”

Improving Our Educational Experience

Teacher Text was a convenient way for our professor to keep up with her students in a technological world.  None of us had an excuse for forgetting to turn in our homework!  It really helped us stay engaged and connected to the class so that we could get the most out of it.


This is just one way that I personally have been impacted by Teacher Text, but I know that there are as many possibilities for its use as there are teachers!  With some creativity and a bit of technology, education really can be more relatable to a generation that, like it or not, has grown up around laptops, cell phones, tablets, and other modern conveniences.  How can you utilize technology (such as texting) in your classroom, church, office, or anywhere else that you want to connect with people?

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Maybe you’re religious; maybe you’re not.  But I’ll bet most of you, even those of you who seldom (if ever) go to church, have gone to church at least once in your life on Easter Sunday!  Why does Easter Sunday always coincide with such a rise in church attendance?  Chalk it up to tradition, the way people were raised, guilt, or whatever.  The fact remains that there is something special, something significant about the meaning of Easter.  It is obviously about something greater than bunnies, eggs, and candy!

We’ve already pondered the significance of Christmas, but the significance of Easter is even more direct and more important.  Christmas commemorates when God took on flesh in the form of baby Jesus.  Easter commemorates when that very same God-Man, Jesus Christ, accomplished what He came to Earth to do: bearing the sins of men in His death on the cross, and then conquering death by rising from the dead!

The significance of that moment in history—the death and resurrection of Christ—cannot be overemphasized.  It is the defining moment in all of time up to this point.  What you believe about Easter will impact your whole life, from now and throughout all eternity.

Jesus Christ is alive today, and sooner or later all of us will have to face Him.  Through His life, He can give us life.  He invites us to come to Him.  His death paid for our sins, and His resurrection brings us the hope of eternal life; He is willing to forgive and to make us new, to save us from our bondage to sin and from an eternity in Hell.

So what do you really believe about Easter?  This is not something you can consider half-heartedly; you have to be all in or not in at all.  Have you truly come to Christ in faith, repented of your sins, and asked God to forgive you?

I urge everyone to really think about the significance of Easter this year.  Don’t just mindlessly go through your yearly routines and traditions, because what you believe about Easter is the most important thing you will ever decide.

Have a happy Resurrection Day!

1 Corinthians 15:3-4, 54-57 (NASB) – “For I delivered to you as of first importance what I also received, that Christ died for our sins according to the Scriptures, and that He was buried, and that He was raised on the third day according to the Scriptures … ‘Death is swallowed up in victory.  O death, where is your victory? O death, where is your sting?’ The sting of death is sin, and the power of sin is the law; but thanks be to God, who gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ.”

Romans 10:9 (NASB) – “…if you confess with your mouth Jesus as Lord, and believe in your heart that God raised Him from the dead, you will be saved”

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Text Alerts for Musicians

Being successful in the music world in this day and age is tough.  With the dawn of technology such as YouTube and Facebook, the market has become saturated with amateurs and aspiring stars trying to fulfill their dreams of fame.  It really takes a lot to stand out.

Text Alerts for Musicians

But musicians, artists, and bands must not shy away from the modern onslaught of technology.  One piece of technology that can be really beneficial is text messaging. Musicians can utilize text messaging to help connect with their fans and to help market their music.  Text alerts for musicians has the potential to really help grow your number of followers and help lock in your current fan base.

Keeping Your Fans Up to Date

Whether you are a locally or nationally known artist or band, text messaging can be a great way to keep your fans up to date.  You can let them know when and where concerts/gigs will be held.  You can let them know about new albums or new singles in the works.  You can set up text-only deals (such as a free song download) that make your fans feel appreciated.

Marketing Your Music

Text messages work really well for marketing your music.  Although you can’t include audio in a text, you can send links to your songs or to song clips to get your audience hooked.  You can promote your tours and your merchandise, and the odds of your recipients opening your texts are much higher than if you sent them an email or published a Facebook post.


Let’s face it—in our society, musicians need all the help they can get.  If you can learn to utilize the technology that is literally at your fingertips, it can be a highly effective tool to help make you successful.  (Feel free to let us know if you want to try a free trial account so that you can learn more about how texting might benefit you.)

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