So you’ve purchased a new text alert system and are all ready to go, but now the hard part comes in. How to get people to subscribe to text alerts?

smartphoneIt’s easy enough if you have an existing list of numbers to import into the system, but it can be a little more difficult if you are starting from scratch.

The best way to convince people to subscribe is to offer some kind of incentive. A special discount, a coupon code, or exclusive information.

What are the best ways to get the word out there?


Do you send out a newsletter? Include a little blurb in your newsletter saying ‘Text <keyword> to <number> to receive special deals’


It’s easy enough to put a sign somewhere very visible saying “Text <keyword> to <number>” Put it somewhere where people might be bored and people might just text in to see what is up during their downtime.

Social Media

Facebook and Twitter are great places to post about your new text alert system.

Radio Commercials

Believe it or not, many of our customers have found this to be a great avenue to get word about their text alerts out there. A quick radio commercial has brought thousands of subscribers into a text alert system in just a few minutes.

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Mobile Text Alerts is mainly used to send out messages to groups, but we also have an SMS API to connect text message sending to any application that exists.

keep the gears

This can be very useful in many different situations.  Here are some of the ways that our existing customers are utilizing our SMS API:

  • Sending a text message when someone signs up for your online service
  • Sending a text message to notify someone when their package has shipped from your store
  • For service providers (plumbing, lawn care, etc) send a text to let the customer know you are on your way
  • Send a quick thank you to your users who complete a survey for you, and send them the results of the survey
  • Web monitoring software that sends a text message to let people know a certain website is down

These are just a few ways that our existing customers are taking advantage of the SMS API.

Can you think of any ways that text messaging might improve your business?  Let us know right away and we can set you up with an API key.

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Congratulations to the United States soccer team for pulling a 2-2 draw against the #4 ranked Portugal team last night! I was able to watch the first half of the game, and the US looked great (except for the 5th minute botched clear that let Nani score his first goal of 2014).

Brazil Soccer WCup US Portugal


Unfortunately, I was unable to watch the second half of the game (my family actually went to night church, we decided that was a higher priority :))

It was nice to be able to receive updates from the game via text messages. This is a great way that one of our customers has utilized our text alert system. Subscribers signup to receive score updates, they can be organized into groups (Basketball scores, Football scores, Soccer scores, etc), and then sent out the updates as needed.

Do you have a business idea that could take advantage of sending text alerts? Try a free test account today, or contact us if you have any questions.


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A “text alert” is a mass SMS text message sent from you to a group of subscribers.

Every day more people are starting to use text alerts to communicate key messages with their members. With so many others waking up to the potential value of text alerts, perhaps now is the time to follow the advice of Eric Schmidt, CEO of Google; “What’s really important right now is to get the mobile architecture right since mobile will ultimately be the way you provision most of your services.”

Why use text alerts?

  1. Text Alerts get people’s attention – No matter if your members are out on a walk, watching tv, or out to dinner, you have a direct path to their full attention anytime, anywhere! 84% of mobile phone users keep their device within 10 feet of them at all times.
  2. Text Alerts Are Delivered Instantly – Text Alerts are perfect for time-sensitive information. Unlike emails that might not be read for hours (if ever), text messages arrive moments after they are sent.
  3. People Actually Look At Text Alerts – If you received a text message right now, would you look at it? So would your members! 97% of text messages are read within 15 minutes of receiving it. Compare this to email which has under a 5% read-rate.
  4. Text Alerts Are Affordable – Many people think that text alerts are reserved for large organizations, but that isn’t the case anymore. With improvements in mobile technology, text alerts can now be sent out for lower than a penny per person.

I know you are thinking now “Text alerts are the way to go! How do I get started?”

That’s where Mobile Text Alerts comes into play. Mobile Text Alerts was designed with two things in mind: 1) User Friendliness, and 2) Affordability.

  1. User friendliness – Many text alert platforms around take hours to set up, requiring you to enter all your members information manually, and requiring you to find the carriers of all your members. Mobile Text Alerts was designed to make the text sending process as easy as possible.
  2. Affordability – When our church was looking for a way to send out text alerts, we were flabbergasted by the $400-$500/month subscription fees that were required. Our small church youth group simply could not afford that. Mobile Text Alerts has been designed with as little overhead as possible to keep the service as affordable as we can for you.

Before paying for anything, we would like to extend to you a risk free, no obligation trial. Give Mobile Text Alerts a try without even entering your credit card information.

Try a free trial now!

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One effective way to engage your customers and to have a little bit of fun is to run a game of trivia via text messaging.



Trivia is fun for everyone, and text messaging is a great medium for it. Send out your question, and your subscribers can reply to the text and it will be sent right back to you. You can add a twist to the game of trivia by giving bonus points for those that respond within a certain amount of time, and giving double points for the first person to respond.

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Are you still using email as your primary method of marketing?

falling_behindMaybe you aren’t marketing at all? Maybe you are hoping word of mouth alone, or just plain luck will propel your business to success? I can guarantee you that your competitors are using mobile marketing in their business, and this means that you may be falling behind.

Don’t panic, it won’t be that hard to catch back up, as long as you act now. Don’t continue the trend, get with the times.

Mobile marketing is a great way to get started catching up with the competition. And believe it or not, the cost to entry is very low.

Try a free test account of Mobile Text Alerts

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One of the main goals of most non-profit companies is to reach as many people as possible while keeping backend costs as low as possible. This makes text alerts, and particular Mobile Text Alerts a good fit for most non-profit companies.



Mobile Text Alerts was created for non-profit organizations. The company was birthed to provide an extremely useful service to non-profit organizations that don’t have the funds available to spend thousands of dollars per month on complicated technology. To go along with our already non-profit-targeted pricing, we also offer an additional 15% off of our service for 501(c) organizations.


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The purpose of all marketing should be to gather new leads. What is a lead? A lead is a potential sales contact: an individual or organization that expresses an interest in your goods or services. Leads are what lead to sales, which leads to profit, which leads to a successful business (get the name now?)

lead-generation Lead generation is important for all marketing, but mobile marketing, that is, marketing done to has a few extra rules and tips.

Making Calls-to-Action Simple

A “call to action” is something that you would like your target to do. Just sending out marketing material with no purpose or goal is poor marketing and a waste of money. Examples of calls to action are “Sign up for a free trial of the service!” or “Buy now” or “Click here for more information.”

On a computer, you have the whole screen to add calls to action, but on a mobile advice you might only get one shot. Make what you want your lead to do clear to your lead. Don’t make them play a guessing game.

For example, the call to action in this article is “Sign up for a free trial account of the Mobile Text Alerts service!” We’re not writing this just because we love writing. We are tech people, we actually don’t like writing. But we view blogging as a marketing tool, and the call to action is to get trial signups for our service.


Optimizing Content for the Mobile Screen

The days of designing content and advertising for a 21″ monitor are over. Over 70%+ of web visits are from Phones or Tablets. Make sure that your content looks ok on a mobile screen! Don’t send a 4 column article out and expect good response from mobile devices.


Creating a Text Message Campaign

A text message campaign is a great way  to generate leads. When customers walk into your store and see they can get a discount by just texting a keyword into a number, most people are cheap enough to jump at that opportunity. Once they do, you now have a lead. You have the contact info for someone that likes to buy things from you. You can continue to develop this relationship, and turn that one-time customer into a repeat customer.


You knew it was coming to this, buuut, if you would like to start your own text message campaigns to generate leads, you can try a free test account of our service and get one started today.


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Part of good customer service for any company is listening to customer feedback. Most customers don’t really care that they ran into a problem, what they mostly want when they look for customer support is that they were heard.



Many of our clients accomplish this by sending a quick text message to their customers after interactions or purchases that says “How would you rate our service so far?” Or “Do you have any suggestions on how we could improve our service?” and allowing a response from the customer. You could send this out via email, but studies have found that email-survey response rates average at around 4%. That means out of 100 surveys sent out, you might only get 4 in response. Compare this to text message survey reply rates that can be as high as 50%.

Not only does obtaining customer feedback in this way keep your customer happy, but it helps you improve your product or service. Chances are that if one customer needs something a certain way, or has a certain issue, other people may have a similar issue.

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One of the most difficult parts of being a youth pastor is engaging the youth in your church. Keeping them involved in the ministry, even when their every day life of school, work, friends, sports, tv, family, etc, are all trying to vie for their attention.


One tool you can add to your arsenal of engagement methods is text alerts. Kids love to text message. I can tell, because every time I get up to teach our high school group, I see 50% of the kids on their phones rather than listening.

Text Alerts can be a great way to connect with kids on their level. Let your students know they can join your distribution list by texting in to the system, and start sending them messages right away. Text them prayer requests, text them Bible verses, text them questions about your lesson.

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