One niche that has really taken off in the text alert industry are stock trading companies. Customers of these stock trading customers are prepared to spend hundreds of dollars (if not thousands) to simply receive updates on their stocks, or receive other stock trading tips. These have been traditionally sent via email, but they can more reliably, and more quickly be sent now via text alerts.



Your customers can subscribe by either texting your keyword (which is generated for you when you sign up) into the system, or by visiting your signup page that is also generated for you. If you already have a large list of numbers, you can import those via an Excel spreadsheet.

After your customers are in the system, you can either send out messages manually (organizing different numbers into different groups to send out specific messages only to specific people) or if you a real ambitious, you can integrate your stock trading software with our message sending API to automatically send messages out at different times.

Go ahead and start a free trial account (no credit card required) to see how exactly it works. Our guided tutorials will take you through the system.

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#4 – YouTube


YouTube is becoming increasingly popular over the years. But creating a YouTube channel for your community is a great way to get content to your users. Put important content in a funny or interesting video, and you will be amazed at how quickly it spreads.

This is also a great way to get people involved in your community, especially students. Some people just love film-making, and will gladly help out.

#3 – Twitter



Unless you’ve been in a shell for the last 4-5 years, you certainly have heard of Twitter. Using Twitter’s hashtags is a great way to get information to only those who really care about it.

With the introduction of Vine (Twitter’s video service), Twitter is more effective than ever at getting information out even using video. Also, Twitter is famous for working well on mobile devices which now makes up over 65% of the market.

The one downside to Twitter is the learning curve. Whereas most people from the technology-familiar generations pick it up pretty quickly, many people in the 40+ age range have a hard time figuring it out.

#2 – Facebook


Facebook used to be a community fit only for the younger generation. If you were a youth group, and wanted to get in touch with your people, Facebook was the tool for you. If you wanted to get in touch with the parents of your youth group, or the congregation of your church, then you better find another way.

But this has changed over the past couple of years. Because of the user-friendliness, the number of users ages 30+ has skyrocketed on Facebook. Even the 65+ category has seen tremendous growth. They may be on there just to check some pictures of their grandkids, but while they’re on there, they certainly will read a message from you.

#1 – Mobile Text Alerts



This may seem self-serving since this is a Mobile Text Alerts blog, and it is. But we really believe that Mobile Text Alerts is the best way to get information out to your entire community.

With text-messages, you hit about 90% of all Americans, and 85% all read those messages within 30 minutes of receiving it. This is tremendous coverage when compared to YouTube or Twitter or even Facebook.

And when you throw in our new phone system that can call with your message to those that don’t have access to texting, we are confident that we can get your deliverability rate up to 100%

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Text alerts are a great tool to add to your repertoire in the battle to increase customer retention. Despite the fact that text alerts are extremely easy to send out and can even be automated using our scheduled messaging tool, customers still get the feeling that you personally took time out of your day to message them.



Text alerts also accomplish another important task — They keep your customers thinking about you and your brand throughout the week.

Try a free test account to see how text alerts might help with customer retention in your particular industry.



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If you own a spa or salon you are familiar with all the challenges that come with that job. You have one-time customers, no-shows (Check out our blog article on avoiding no-shows), and days that business is just slow.

Fortunately, text alerts can help with all three of these issues! They can turn one-time customers into loyal customers, they can turn no-shows into yes-shows, and they can bring in much needed business during those slow times of years.

Turning One-time Customers into Loyal Customers

Salons and Spas stay in business because of repeat customers. There’s no way around it.  If you don’t have repeat customers, you won’t be able to succeed in this industry. When there are 30 other Salons or Spas in your area, what reason do customers have to choose yours instead?  Maybe you have great service, but others do as well. You really need a way to set yourself apart from the competition.

Text alerts are a great way to do that. One customer does this by sending out beauty tips to their subscribers on a regular basis. Each time a beauty tip is sent, it starts to solidify your brand in the recipients mind. When it’s time for them to choose a Salon for their next visit, your beauty tips might be the thing that tips the scale in your favor.  At $11.99/month for text alerts, just converting one one-time customer into a regular customer can pay for the whole service by itself!

There are other ways to encourage repeat customers through text alerts. Send coupons, send fashion trends, the possibilities are endless.

Turn No-Shows into Yes-Shows

We did an entire blog article on this a few weeks ago, so I won’t spend too much time on it, but essentially, text alerts can help you eliminate no-shows.  The #1 reason that people don’t show up for appointments that they were scheduled for is “I forgot.” Send them a text message 2-3 days before the appointment, and you can cut your no-show rate down 80% or even more!

Pick Up Business During Slow Times

Hopefully with so many repeat customers and no more no-shows you don’t have slow times anymore. But, if you do, our customers have found out that mobile coupons are extremely effective at bringing in new business.

For many people, with so many choices in the service industry, they are relived when the decision as to which hairstylist to go to is made for them. “Where should I go? Oh, I have a 20% off at this Spa, I’ll go there.”  Our existing customers have found this to be extremely effective (and this isn’t actually limited to the Salon/Spa industry, this has been found to be very effective in all industries).

And believe it or not, mobile coupons have actually been found to be more effective than traditional coupons, and nearly 10% of the cost. Customers are up to 50% more likely to use a mobile coupon instead of a paper coupon, and while paper coupons can cost hundreds of dollars per month, text alerts through Mobile Text Alerts are only $11.99/month for unlimited messages.

Try Mobile Text Alerts today. Get a free trial (no credit card required), and just try out how easy it is to send and schedule messages, and increase your revenue.

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One of the biggest frustrations that our customers have about subscribers texting in to join is the lack of information you now have about that subscriber.  When someone fills out your generated sign up form, you get all sorts of information about them.  Their name, their number, their email address, and what groups they would like to join.



Unfortunately, you don’t get these things if someone just texts in to the system “verse-of-the-day”.

Or do you?

With our system, there is a way to add a subscribers name when texting in to the system, and also for a subscriber to sign up for different groups.

Adding a Name to a Subscriber When Texting In

Normally subscribers join by just texting in the keyword of the account they would like to join.  For example, texting ‘verse-of-the-day’ (no quotes) to 662-200-4303 will sign you up to receive the verse of the day.  But you can also add in your first and last name while texting in.  Texting ‘verse-of-the-day James Pelton’ (no quotes) will sign you up to receive the verse of the day, and will add your name into the system as ‘James Pelton’.

Joining a Group By Texting In

After subscribing for the account you would like to sign up for, you can also join groups of that account.  For example, after I am a subscriber of the ‘verse-of-the-day’ account, I can text 662-200-4303 ‘join OldTestament’ (no quotes) and I will be added to the ‘Old Testament’ group.

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Many of our customers have come up with unique ways to use Mobile Text Alerts to supplement their income.  One of the most valuable commodities that exists is information.  And with text alerts, you have the ability to get this information into the hands of people who want it, often charging them monthly.


Here are a few examples of how some of our customers are using text alerts to make money:

  • One pharmaceutical company sends out text alerts about the “Pollen Count” every morning.  This service is invaluable to people with allergies, and many people will pay $15-$30/month just to receive this information every morning.
  • Several of our customers send out sports scores and statistics to their subscribers after each game.  Some send it for free to compliment other services (fantasy football, etc), but some charge monthly just to receive these statistics.
  • Text-me-the-weather uses text alerts to send weather forecasts to its customers every day, and also to alert their customers when severe weather is on the way.

These are just a few examples of ways people are using their information and text alerts to make extra money.  It’s important to note though that it is not the information itself that is valuable in these situations.  Anyone can get on google and look up the pollen count, or the statistics from the OKC game Monday, or the weather for tomorrow.  What is valuable with these services is the convenience of the information.  It’s that the information is delivered to their message inbox when they want to receive it.

What is some information that you have access to that you could send out by text alerts?

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Outages are something that no company wants to deal with, but are a reality in our world today.  There is simply no way to guarantee 100% uptime in companies that rely on millions of little circuits transferring data back and forth thousands of times every second.  Just ask the over 3 million users of hostgator who last week dealt with a 17 hour outage.

So with the inevitability of downtime, what can your company do?

Text Alerts can’t help keep your server up and running, but it can help deal with the aftereffects of an outage.



Normally, when there is an outage, your call center instantly receives hundreds of calls asking and complaining about the outage.  These calls instantly swamp your call center and lead to long wait times for customers calling in, which makes them even more irate.

This problem can be solved with text alerts.  First, you can utilize our text API to have your server automatically send your IT staff a text message when there is an outage.  Once you realize you have an outage, you can immediately send out a text alert to your customers saying “We have a current outage that we are working on, we will keep you updated.”  This keeps customers calm, and keeps them from calling in.

Do you have a plan for when your service inevitably goes down?

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No-shows have increasingly become more and more of a problem in our society. In the good ol’ days, when you made an appointment, it was set in stone. There was not really a way to get a hold of people to change appointments, so they were final.

Now today, with the advancements in communications, and with increasingly busy schedules, people feel as if their plans are in flux.  “Yes, I have an appointment at 11am today, but I don’t know if I will quite make it.”  Not only that, but it seems more and more people today are ok with just forgetting about their appointments, not realizing that this is a massive inconvenience.

Not only is it inconvenient, but it actually can take quite a hit on your revenue.  If you set aside a half-hour block for a customer, and then that customer doesn’t show up, you don’t magically have another customer to take that place.  That is a half-hour block that is just revenue down the tubes.


A recent study as to why patients miss scheduled appointments narrowed it down to four main reasons that people become ‘No-shows’

  1. Patients don’t feel an established relationship with your company.
  2. Patients have to wait a long time to get an appointment and may either forget the appointment or decide they no longer need it.
  3. They have to wait a long time in the waiting room.
  4. They have personal issues, such as scheduling conflicts or transportation problems, which cause them to miss their appointments.

Believe it or not, but text alerts are a good solution for most of these problems.

Text alerts create a relationship between your company and the customer. Text messages seem a lot more personal to most people than emails, and studies have shown that receiving text messages increases engagement with that customer. This is especially true if you make the text messages seem less generic and more personable: “Hi Jill, this is Jenny from your hair salon, I just wanted to remind you that you have a hair appointment at 11 tomorrow.  Thanks!”

Sending text alerts is a great way to remind customers of appointments.  It is true, if you make an appointment 2 months in advance, the odds of remembering it are far less than if you made the appointment last week..  But sending out a quick text message to a customer 1-2 days before the appointment quickly refreshes their memory.

Believe it or not, sending text alerts actually can cut down on waiting room wait times.  If you cut back on the number of no-shows, then you can really begin to tighten up your appointment scheduling, which automatically leads to less wait times for patients, which leads to even fewer no-shows which leads to even better appointment scheduling.  It really is a a double benefit to get your customers to show up for their appointments.

There’s not actually a lot you can do about #4.  Things happen in life.  Cars break down, emergencies happen.  There will never be a way to get your number of no-shows down to 0.  But, with text alerts you are given the added benefit of customers letting you know promptly that they won’t be able to make it.  When you send out a text alert, it allows a reply that will go neatly into your email inbox.  So when you text someone “You have an appointment tomorrow!” and they remember that they have something else scheduled for that time, instead of having to remember to call the office, they can just text back “Sorry, I have a scheduling conflict, I won’t be able to make it tomorrow.”  This helps you keep your scheduling as accurate as possible.  You can even encourage customers to text you back by changing your messages to something like “Hi Jill, this is Jenny from your hair salon.  Just a reminder that you have an appointment at 11am tomorrow.  Please text me back if this won’t work for you.  Thanks!”


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A relatively new use for Mobile Text Alerts has developed by several of our customers that are doctors and pharmacies.  They have begun to send reminders to their patients about when to take their pills each day.



Many of their patients are elderly people who do not have accessing to text messages, which is where the Mobile Text Alerts automated phone call service works well.  As often as their patients need to take their pills (for some people, this is 6-7 times per day!) our system will call the number and recite an automated message “We’re calling to remind you that it is time to take your medication. Please do so right now!”

Automated phone calls is a service that used to be reserved only for companies with multi-million dollar budgets.  But now Mobile Text Alerts has brought this power to you at an affordable rate (around $.02/automated call).

This is just another example of a creative way to utilize modern technology.  Contact us if you would like to discuss ways that your business might take advantage of this service.

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Did you know with Mobile Text Alerts you can schedule text messages to go out later?  Maybe you just want to schedule all your messages for the upcoming week at one time, or maybe you want a message to go out at 2pm, but you will be in a meeting.  Scheduling messages gives you versatility.

schedule Many of our customers send out a daily Bible verse.  It can be quite a pain to try and remember every day to log in, find a Bible verse, and send it out.  Much easier is to log in and schedule messages to go out at the same time every morning for the next month, then sit and leave it.

Scheduling messages is also great for reminders.  Maybe there is a weekly event that you would like to remind people of.  Log in, set it as a scheduled message, and then set it to ‘repeat weekly.’  Then once per week, it will go out without you needing to think twice about it!

There are many other creative ways to use scheduled messages as well, how do you utilize scheduled messages with your account?

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