Want to add an instant sense of professionalism to your business?  Why not give your customers that ability to receive package tracking via text message?



There’s a reason that some of the biggest companies in the world (Amazon, Sears, Wal-Mart, etc) use text messaging for package tracking..  Because people love it!  No one likes sitting around waiting for a package for days and days without any sense of when it might actually show up.  Customers also find it tedious to sit down at a computer, remember their log in details for the website, log in, and find the tracking information.  It is so much simpler for your phone to buzz, and you pull it out with a message “Your package has been shipped, it will arrive on Tuesday.”

Happy customers are returning customers, and returning customers means more profit for your business!

Sign up for a free trial account today and see how we can help your business use text alerts for package tracking.

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Mobile Text Alerts is working on releasing a new dashboard for its users.  Our existing “Control Panel” has served us well, but after 3 years we’ve decided its time for a change.



So we would like your input.  What features would you like to see on the new control panel?  What are some pain-points in our current control panel?  What could be made easier?  What do you like about our current control panel and wouldn’t want to see changed?

Thanks for your input!

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So you have started your text alert system and are ready to get going.  That’s great!

The first step is to start collecting your members phone numbers.  Mobile Text Alerts offers you several ways to insert members into the system:

  1. Sign up via text – Members can sign themselves up by texting your keyword into the system.  For example if you sign up and your keyword is “YMCA”, then texting the word “YMCA” to 662-200-4303 will instantly subscribe that person to your account.
  2. Sign up via web form – When you create a Mobile Text Alerts account, a sign up page will be instantly generated for you.  You can post the generated URL around, or share it on Facebook or Twitter.
  3. Insert subscribers manually – After creating a Mobile Text Alerts account, you will be given access to your control panel where you can insert subscribers manually.
  4. Import a spreadsheet of subscribers – If you have hundreds (or thousands in some cases) of numbers already a part of your group, entering them one-by-one into the system is out of the question.  If this is the case, we have a spreadsheet import feature that allows you to upload a .xls file with the numbers from your system.  This can be especially useful if you have other group management software that has an ‘export’ feature.

Collect Phone Numbers


Tips to collect phone numbers

  • Often the best way to get your subscribers to sign up is to put a link to your generated web form on Facebook.  People spend hours on Facebook every day, and Facebook does a good job of making sure posts are seen by the people that need to see them.  Twitter is also a good option.
  • If your group meets together, and you have the chance to have a presentation of some kind, add one slide at the end that just says “Text ‘your keyword’ to 662-200-4303 to receive our updates.”  You will be surprised how many people pull out their phones and text in right away.
  • Some organizations have found it effective to pass around a paper sign up sheet when their group meets together asking for phone numbers.  Later, the numbers can be added to a spreadsheet which can be imported into the system.

What ways have you found are effective at collecting phone numbers for your system?  Leave us a comment and let us know!

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Everyone is looking for a service for cheap mass text messaging.  Mobile Text Alerts could be that service for you.

Mobile Text Alerts is a great way send out mass text messages, but at an affordable price.  Don’t worry about paying per text and limiting your use as you do with other services.  Send out as many messages as you would like for a low flat monthly fee.

Give it a try today!

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Our original industry is still our biggest industry.  We started in February 2011 as a way to provide our local church here in Lincoln, NE a church text alert system that was easy to use, and didn’t cost hundreds of dollars per month.  3 years later, church text alert systems are still our main focus.

church_text_message_cancellation_iphone Churches use Mobile Text Alerts for a variety of reasons.  Of course weather cancellations are always a big one.  We just came out of a severe winter here in the midwest, and over 1.5 million weather related text alerts were sent out this winter.

We had many churches be especially successful using text alerts for choir engagement.  One church in particular, saw choir attendance go up from about 60%/week to 90%/week just by sending a weekly text reminding people the time and place of these practices.

Many churches use text alerts to send out prayer requests — whether it be normal weekly prayer requests, or an emergency situation that needs prayer right away.

One big problem many churches try to solve is that most people hear a sermon on Sunday, and then don’t give it a second thought throughout the week.  Many churches would send a quick text alert out on the Wednesday or Thursday following a sermon with a reminder to “Love your neighbor as yourself,” or “Don’t forget to do your work heartily as to the Lord and not as to men!”

Also, there is always the good old ‘Verse of the day.’  Many churches take advantage of the Mobile Text Alerts schedule feature to schedule a daily Bible verse to go out every day.  This is a great way to keep people focused on God’s Word throughout the week.  (If you would like, you can sign up to receive the Mobile Text Alerts verse of the day).

Sometimes text alerts are convenient to use just to remind people of upcoming events.  “We are having communion this Sunday,” or “There is baptism this Wednesday” are quick messages that remind people to show up to these important events.

I’m sure there are thousands of other ways that churches could utilize sending out text messages for their churches.  What ways have you used text alerts to help your ministry?

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Several customers have started using Mobile Text Alerts for password recovery.  When someone forgets their password, most websites have a “Forgot your password” link.  Usually, this is accomplished by sending the user an email.  But why not send these passwords out as text messages instead?


Emails can take several minutes to actually be delivered, and then can get lost in the user’s massive email inbox.

So how exactly are our customers doing this?  In two main ways.

  1. Use the Mobile Text Alerts Control Panel, and have your Support team send out the messages manually.  This works great for small teams with few customers.  If you have thousands of customers, and have several people needing to reset their password on a regular basis, then you should try #2
  2. Utilize the Mobile Text Alerts API.  With some programming, you can automatically set up the “Forgot Your Password” link to text the user their reset password.
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One of our teachers has started using text alerts in a great way to help her students from skipping school or cutting class.  She has her students in her text alert system, and when she sees that any of her students are missing (especially those who are prone to skipping class), she quickly sends them a text alert just asking “Where are you?”

It seems simple enough, but this little act has cut way down on the number of school skippers, and several students have even stopped in to thank her for caring about them and what they did.


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This has been an up and coming industry that has been utilizing text alerts for a couple of years now.  Many professional sport teams are using texts for special promotions, available tickets, and advertising; but what about little league teams?


One great thing about Mobile Text Alerts is that it makes sending text alerts affordable for everyone!  While text messaging used to be reserved for high budgets, with Mobile Text Alerts low pricing (Check out Pricing), even your son’s little league baseball can take advantage of the new trend.

Let your parents know about schedule changes, weather updates, or even stats and scores after the games.  This is a great way to increase engagement, and keep the parents in your little league happy.

Oh, and it’s not limited to baseball.  We have customers sending out text alerts for Baseball, Basketball, Soccer, Karate, and even Cheerleading.  As always with new technologies, the possibilities are endless.

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One industry that has really started to pick up in its use of text alerts are gyms.

Gyms are an ideal place to use text alerts, because they have a consistent membership, and they frequently have information they need to get out to their members.  Our current gyms use text alerts for all sorts of things: Payment reminders, new classes, new features, promotions that are coming up, weather cancellations, and about anything else that you can think of.


Sending out text alerts is also a great way to reengage with customers who haven’t been to the gym for a while.  Usually, if someone doesn’t go to the gym for weeks at a time, they are more than likely going to cancel their membership soon, and you will lose that money.  Why not send a text message to those members who haven’t visited for a few weeks and motivate them to get back in the gym?  How many potential cancelers could you motivate into keeping their membership?  The return on investment could be huge!

Another gym had a referral program “refer a friend and get $50.”  These types of promotions are great for gyms, because $50 is hardly any money at all compared to how much money an extra member can bring in over the course of the year.  Not only that, but studies have shown that people are more likely to keep their gym membership if they have a friend that attends with them.  How can you let people know about these promotions?  Text alerts would be perfect.

Several gyms use text alerts to inform their members about classes.  Yoga classes, Zumba, or whatever else your gym might have going on are great ways to either bring in extra income, or to increase engagement with customers.  I know some gyms also use text alerts about classes as a marketing tool to bring in customers who are interested in Yoga, but maybe not other things that the gym has to offer.

Again, the possibilities of what a gym could do with text alerts is endless.  What are some ways that your gym is using text alerts?


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One great way to use text alerts that many of our churches have utilized, is to send out a Bible verse of the day.



Sign up to receive the Bible verse of the day text alerts at https://mobile-text-alerts.com/verse-of-the-day

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