One of the most difficult jobs of being a group leader is actually getting your groups to attend group events.  The most common excuse for missing events: “I forgot about it!”

Email reminders get you half of the way there.  People get the information, and can reference back to it later if they need to.  Unfortunately, email has become a mess of notices and spam.  Did you know 144.8 Billion emails are sent every day?

Last week, I woke up one morning and checked my email and had two “You’ve won $1,000,000,000” emails, three offers for vacation packages, and six different weight loss pills.  I quickly skimmed all my emails and went ahead with my day, not realizing until later that I missed an important email from my church reminding me to make sure I brought silverware to our church picnic that day.  When I arrived at the picnic, I had to respond “I forgot about it!”

Want to know the trick to stopping this excuse once and for all?  SMS Text Messages.  Text messages are not nearly the mess that emails are.  Over 95% of all text messages are opened, and they can instantly reach your audience wherever they are.

When my wife wants me to remember to bring home milk for our one year old daughter, she doesn’t email me, because it is not that reliable.  She sends me a text message, because it is the best way to get that information to me in a timely manner.

Sending a text message to one person is not very difficult on a phone, but how about 20?  How about 200?  How about 2,000?  How about 20,000?  That’s why we created Mobile Text Alerts.  To quickly and easily send out mass text messages to get the information you need to the people you need at an affordable rate.

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After asking for it for years, we have finally started a blog.  This will keep you up to date with what’s new with the Mobile Text Alerts service.  What all will we be posting in our blog?

  • New Features – When a new feature is released, we want you to know about it right away!  Too often have our customers been looking for functionality that wasn’t available when they first signed up, but was released a few weeks later, and they never knew about it!
  • Bug Fixes – Maybe you noticed a bug a few weeks ago, and would like to know when it is fixed.  Stay tuned to our blog, and we will keep you up to date!
  • Tips & Tricks – There may be little nuances of our service that you have never used, or maybe never even knew existed!  Did you know that you can send out messages without ever visiting the control panel by texting in to the system? Well, you can! Sending a Message Via Text. Did you even know that we had tutorials? Well, we do! Tutorials
  • Best Practices – With all the different text alert systems that we have seen set up over the years, we have special insight into best practices.  What is the best way to get people to sign up for your text alert system?  What times of the day are best to send out text alerts?  How often should you send out alerts?  We will be posting the data we have on these topics.
  • Ways to Utilize Text Alerts – Again, with all the text alert systems we have set up, we have seen some very interesting ways that people have utilized text alerts.  We will be sharing these, and hopefully giving you some ideas on how you too can utilize the power of text messaging.
  • Case Studies – Did you know the read rate for emails is only 33%?  Did you know that the read rate on text messages is 99%, and 90% of those read those messages within 3 minutes?  We have collected this data, and a whole lot more that we would love to share!

Those are just a few of the things we plan on posting on a regular basis to help serve your text alert needs however we can.  Feel free to sign up for our RSS feed to keep up to date with our latest posts.

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