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20 Uses for Text Alerts

Is sending mass texts out to people really a good idea? How many uses for text alerts are there really?

As it turns out, you can use text alerts for a myriad of situations!

For businesses

  • Advertising and marketing to customers
    • “Stop in today for a free consultation!”
  • Office updates
    • “The system is down, techs are looking into it. Should be back up and running shortly. Hang tight!”
  • Business announcements
    • “Friday, Oct. 8th is Luau Day so wear your most colorful Hawaiian shirt and get ready to have some fun!”

For churches

  • Service cancellations
    • “Due to severe weather service is canceled today. Stay home and stay safe!”
  • Prayer requests
    • “The Johnsons are requesting prayer for Janie’s surgery tomorrow morning at 8am.”
  • Church event updates
    • “The church picnic has been postponed to Thursday at 6pm. See you there!”
  • Youth group events
    • “Don’t miss out on summer camp! Deadline for registration is June 30th.”

For gyms/YMCAs

  • Class updates
    • “Aerobics instructor is ill so class is canceled today – Apologies for any inconvenience!”
  • Payment due notices
    • “Just a friendly reminder that your gym membership fee was due last Wednesday. Please call xxx-xxx-xxxx to make a payment. :)”
  • Event reminders
    • “Don’t forget about our tennis tournament Saturday starting at 9am sharp!”

For direct sales

  • Live sale notifications
    • “We’re going live in 10 minutes and you’re going to love the inventory!”
  • New inventory announcements
    • “We’ve got new Amelias in and on sale TODAY!!”

For webinar hosts

  • Pre-webinar reminders
    • “Webinar starts in 1 hour- See you there!”
  • Post-webinar followups
    • “How did you enjoy the webinar? If you missed it or would like to see it again, here’s the link: [link]”

For restaurants

  • Special promotions
    • “Happy Veteran’s Day! Active and retired military receive an additional 15% off all orders today with ID.”
  • New menu item announcements
    • “Try our new Garbage Burger for only $9.99!”
  • Exclusive deals
    • “Text club only: BOGO appetizers all day today and tomorrow! Just mention this text.”

For non-profits

  • Member updates
    • “Elections for president, vice president, and treasurer will be held next Thursday at 6pm!”
  • Due reminders
    • “Don’t forget to submit your dues to Jennifer by the end of the month!”
  • Organization announcements
    • “Tom is stepping down as president at the start of next month. More details to come!”

This is just a sampling of the many uses for text alerts. The possibilities are almost limitless and it is a viable solution for nearly any business or organization!

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