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13 New iPhone Texting Features You Need to Be Aware Of

13 new iphone texting features

Apple is rolling out its new iPhone update this coming fall and some of the features they’re introducing are quite interesting! Will this new update change how iPhone users use text messaging?

Here are 13 new iPhone texting features that you need to be aware of.

  1. Using your finger to hand-write messages

With the new update, users will be able to hand-write a message with their finger.

  1. Drawing on pictures and videos

Related to feature #1, users can use their finger to draw or write a message on images or videos that they send.

  1. Accessing the camera from within Messages

Eliminating the steps of having to exit out of the messaging app to access your camera, the new update will allow users to access the camera directly within the app.

  1. Using third-party apps from within Messages

In addition to integrating the camera into Messages, the update will include the ability to use third-party apps such as photo editing apps or apps that would allow you to transfer money to your contact.

  1. Writing messages with “invisible ink”

The “invisible ink” feature will give users the option to send a message or image that is blurred over or scrambled. The recipient can read the message or view the image by swiping.

  1. Scheduling semi-automatically

When making plans via Messages, the user’s data can be automatically collected so that the iPhone can easily add date, time, and location into your calendar.

  1. Replacing words with emoji by tapping

The Messages app will be able to automatically detect certain words that could be replaced, and the user simply needs to tap on the word to transform it into the appropriate emoji.

  1. Connecting with Apple Music to share songs

The user will be able to easily share songs with the message recipient directly from within the Messages app.

  1. Editing messages with visual effects

The ability to add visual effects to messages, such as making the message bubble larger or smaller for a particular message, will be included in the update.

  1. Editing effects in the background

On top of being able to create visual effects for the text of a message, the user will be able to add visual effects (such as fireworks) to the background of some messages.

  1. Sending “rich links”

Links shared via text messaging will include an image related to the link, as well as a description of the content within the link.

  1. Sharing current location

The user will be able to share their specific location with recipients by inserting a map pin on their message.

  1. Replying to messages quickly via Tapback

The Tapback feature allows the user to quickly reply back to a message by tapping an icon from a list.

What do you think of these new iPhone texting features? What features would you like to see included, and what features could you do without?

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