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10 Awesome Ways to Use Text Alerts This Summer

10 awesome ways to use text alerts this summer

Summer has caught up to us so quickly! Seems like yesterday I was writing about 10 ways to use text alerts during Christmas and here we are ready for Christmas in July! And just like Christmas, summer is a perfect time to take advantage of text alerts as well.

Here are 10 ways you can use text alerts this summer.

  1. Plan a pool party

I don’t mean a little pool party with just your closest friends. I mean, reach out to people (via text alerts, of course) and invite people and get community members together for oodles of pool fun!

  1. Help organize summer camp

Some of my greatest childhood memories are from summer camp. You can help impact kids’ lives by volunteering to help out at a summer camp, and you can use text alerts to connect with parents or older students.

  1. Advertise summertime sales for your business

Each season of the year has its own specials and sales, and summer is no different. Text alerts is the perfect avenue to advertise your business’s summer deals, promotions, and discounts.

  1. Host an outdoor ice cream social

What brings people together better than ice cream? Especially in the summertime! Use text alerts to make this a huge event for your community.

  1. Organize an outing to a water park

Adults and kids alike love going to the water park. Text reminders and announcements can really amp up the hype for your epic water park expedition!

  1. Coordinate Vacation Bible School for your church

Vacation Bible School takes a lot of effort and coordination among dozens upon dozens of people. Volunteer to help at your church and aid in the coordination with text alerts!

  1. Establish a summer reading club

This season is a great time to get involved in some “light summer reading.” And how much more fun to do it with friends and like-minded friends-to-be! Use text alerts this summer to recruit for your club and communicate reading assignments and meeting times.

  1. Communicate with parents regarding summer school

A change in routine can really cause a lot of confusion in people’s daily activities. If parents have children in summer school with different activities and schedules than normal, they will appreciate being kept up to speed.

  1. Gather neighbors, friends, and community members together for a huge water fight event

Imagine dozens (or even hundreds!) of grown adults launching water balloons and soaking each other with water bazookas. If this sounds fun to you, you should go make it a reality! (Okay, kids can join the water fight too.) Use text alerts to help get the word out.

  1. Warn people about cancellations or postponements due to rain or thunderstorms

Along with the season comes the refreshing summer rain and thundering summer storms. Unfortunately these often unpredictable weather events can wreak havoc on your outdoor event planning. Text alerts can inform people of weather-related changes.

What other awesome ways can you think of to use text alerts this summer?

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