What do court dates, reading programs, and positive affirmations have in common? Text alerts. And what does sending text alerts have to do with these things? Here are 3 ways that sending text alerts helps solve 3 unique problems. Court date reminders Some counties turn to text reminders to help reduce the number of no-shows… Read More »

  Instinctively we assume that young people love texting. We see teens staring at their phones at the mall. We notice young adults texting during meetings. But how do we really know that young people love texting? Is it all just circumstantial observation? No way. Youth’s love for texting is a real phenomenon. Here are… Read More »

Opinions are valuable. Whether you are part of a business, non-profit entity, government organization, or anything else, it’s important to pay attention to the opinions of your employees, customers, or members! But how can you collect these opinions? One word: surveys. The problem arises in getting people to actually complete these surveys. This is where… Read More »

There’s a problem. You want to send a mass text message. Maybe you want to give an announcement to your employees. Or maybe you’re a pastor and you want to let your congregation know that you’re canceling church services. Or maybe you just have a really large family and want to let them know where to… Read More »

Leaves fall. People come home from vacation. The hectic busyness of life starts up again. The fall season is just around the corner, if not already in full swing. The normal schedule of our busy lives begins yet again. For a church, this usually means the reinstatement of regular fall church events, children’s programs such… Read More »

  Text Version: Selecting the Best Text Alert Plan for Your Organization Why text alerts? Texting brings your audience together. Texting connects you to your audience in a unique way. Texting is preferred and effective. Texting brings success to your communication. Which plan is best for you? Starter Plan $12/month ($23 month-to-month) 1-175 subscribers Perfect… Read More »

Sometimes marketing is a stressful world. But we’re not alone!  There are so many successful people who have a lot of advice to give. Consider these 10 quotes and how they might (or might not) improve your marketing. “Word of mouth is the most valuable form of marketing, but you can’t buy it. You can… Read More »

You can’t take full advantage of your Mobile Text Alerts services if you don’t know how to manage your subscribers! This tutorial will show you how to add, edit, and delete subscribers manually from to “Manage Subscribers” section of your control panel. Adding Subscribers To add a subscriber, click the green “Add a Subscriber” button… Read More »

Unique. New. Innovative. People always look for the next new thing. But sometimes we just need to utilize and take full advantage of what we already have. Text messaging is one of the those things. People use text messages in all sorts of interesting ways. All over the world, across the threshold of hundreds of… Read More »

  How to gauge the success of radio or TV ads? This is a question that has haunted many an advertiser. According to BusinessWire, 1-800 numbers have been a primary means for keeping track of responses to these kinds of advertisements. By setting up a 1-800 number unique to a particular ad, the marketer can… Read More »

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