The Best SMS Marketing Tools and Features for Generating More LeadsBy Jake Meador | 10 Mar 2020

brunette woman sitting at a desk with her laptop using sms to generate more leads



Lead generation with SMS marketing is about turning your contacts, people who have already expressed some limited interest in your product, into people excited to buy from you.


How do you do that? 


The answer is simple: You provide genuine value for the customer and make them aware of that via text messaging. 


The problem isn’t the solution; the solution is simple. It’s executing on the solution that is hard: How do you create value for your customers? 


That is a question every business has to answer for themselves based on a thorough understanding of their own product, their best customers, and the particular problems they solve for their users. 


Assuming you know all of that, conveying that information via SMS marketing can be done in a few different ways.

Drip Campaigns 💧

In some cases, a drip campaign is going to be the best way to generate new leads via SMS marketing. 


Definition: A drip campaign is a series of messages sent over a period of time to members of your SMS list. (Learn More


So you might create five messages for a drip campaign and then send those over a two-week period.


Drip campaigns are most appropriate when:

  • You have a product that perhaps takes a bit more time to understand (as with many online businesses specializing in software). 

  • You are selling something that feels like a risk to the buyer, as when the product in question is brand new or expensive.

  • You are selling something that requires a long-term commitment.


In these cases, drip campaigns can be a good way to build trust partly just through increased familiarity with the brand and, hopefully, by using the particular messages in the text to help make the prospect feel more confident about the brand.


Done well, drip campaigns will help your prospects slowly move from giving you their contact information to being an excited, engaged potential customer and, hopefully, a future advocate for your brand with other potential customers. 


If you have a product that benefits significantly from increased trust or a relationship with your brand, drip campaigns are a great way to generate new leads via SMS marketing.

Coupons / Discount Codes 🏷

Coupons and discount codes are a simpler lead gen method. With this approach, you identify a deal you want to offer and then use your SMS marketing software to alert relevant prospects about the deal.


This method is particularly effective for businesses with a low-risk product that simply need to get people in the store in order to try whatever the business is selling. So it’s a great option for:

  • Restaurants

  • Barbershops

  • Salons

  • Coffeeshops

  • Other similar retail businesses.

The other benefit with coupons and discount codes is they are relatively straightforward and simple. All you need to do is define your deal, promote it, and monitor the performance. It is much easier to implement than a drip campaign, for example.

Product Launches / New Inventory Alerts 📦

Another valuable way to generate new leads is via product launch announcements done via the SMS platform. 


This is particularly valuable if you are a business that is regularly introducing new products or getting new inventory in. 


As with coupons and discount codes, this method is likely to be most effective for retail businesses or other companies that sell low-cost, low-risk products. For such businesses, the biggest obstacle to buying is not usually going to be about trust or money, but rather about simply convincing a person to disrupt their normal routine enough to try something new. 


So instead of going to the restaurant they normally visit for lunch, they should come try your place. Instead of going to the department store they normally visit to pick up a new pair of shoes, they should visit your store. 


New product alerts can be a great way of incentivizing people who haven’t visited before to come by your store or buy from you online because they are using a new incentive to try and motivate the reader to take the next step in buying from your company.

Conclusion ⭐

The key to successful lead generation with SMS marketing is to always be adding or creating value for your customers. 


Doing that well will require a thorough understanding not only of your own business, but also of the key problems that a customer experiences and why they do (or do not) buy from you. If you understand all of that, then you can put yourself in the customer’s shoes and tailor your SMS messages to address their particular need, whether that is a lack of trust with the brand or simply a lack of incentive to visit your store. 


From there, you can identify the type of SMS marketing tool you will use to try and move them toward buying and begin writing your marketing messages. 


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