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A New Era for SMS Marketing: Short Codes, Toll-Free, & 10DLC

Learn why short codes are going away and how your business can transition to using the new and improved 10-digit long codes (10DLC).

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At Mobile Text Alerts, we specialize in providing simple SMS software with world-class customer service. Hear what our customers have to say.

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send a message in the app dashboard

What Can You Do with Mobile Text Alerts?

Here are a few common types of text messages our customers send:

CODE RED: there has been a fire in the west side of the building. Please evacuate immediately.

The meeting starts in 5 minutes, click here to join http://bit.ly/2n69Ntt

Lightning has been reported in the area. Please stop working until further notice.

Get 20% everything in the store today! Go here http://bit.ly/2n69Ntt

Why Mass Text Messaging?

99% of all text messages are read!

People respond to texts more than email, social posts, phone calls or any other form of digital communication.

Mobile Text Alerts allows you to easily send or schedule text messages to your entire audience.

Send text messages about:

  • promotions
  • event reminders
  • product updates

Create trackable links to know exactly who is clicking on your texts and visiting your site as a result!

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“My business has increased 10x, if not more. I cannot thank you enough for creating this service, and at a reasonable rate.”

- Dan Steele, D&M Productions of SFL

three ways to add subscribers in the app dashboard

How Do I Add New Subscribers?

Mobile Text Alerts was built for your ease and your customers' convenience. We offer multiple effective methods for adding new subscribers to your account

Have your subscriber opt-in for your messages by texting a keyword to your shortcode.

Here's an example, go ahead and test it out!

    Text “TryIt” to 74121 and receive a text reply

Once your MTA account is active, we’ll generate a sign-up page for all your potential future subscribers. Let us host your sign-up page or embed the HTML on your website so your followers can sign up for your SMS service directly from your site.
Import your existing customers by uploading a spreadsheet to your account control panel. There is no limit to the number of subscribers you can import.
tracey morgan profile

“The user interface is very simple and they have a reliable customer service. Regarding SMS marketing I can’t think of a better provider.”

- Tracey Morgan

How Do I Reply to My Recipients?

Make your customers happy by connecting with them on a personal level using message replies.

Send a text blast with our app and immediately initiate a 2-way conversation with your customer.

Manage your notifications easily and reply to your customers' questions in your account control panel.

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"Mobile Text Alerts doubled my sales in the past 2 weeks!"

- Jessica Draven

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"We are using your tool to notify families that their loved ones are safe. This will be a huge help for us and an even bigger blessing for families."

- Colin Hart, Pursue Health LLC

Integrations with Mobile Text Alerts

Sync your contacts and automate text messages with apps you already use.

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SMS Alerts/Marketing Use Cases

Send texts like these to drive more sales!

🌩️ Weather Alerts

“There have been reports of lightning nearby, please stop working and seek shelter.”

📅 Meeting Reminders

“There will be a First Aid & CPR safety meeting tomorrow at 3pm at our corporate office location. All are required to attend.”

👷 Safety Notifications

“An electrical outage has occurred at 84th and A. No injuries.”

⏱️ Scheduling Requests

“We need 2 more workers on site A today. Please reply to this text message if you’re able to come.”

⭐ Employee Commendation

“Crew Member of the Month: congratulations to Joel Pelton for his exceptional work at the site!”

🚫 Cancellations

“Sunday night church has been cancelled due to weather conditions. Please join us online at [link].”

😄 Encouragement

“In John 14:6 Jesus says, ‘I am the way, and the truth, and the life; no one comes to the Father but through Me.’ Do you know what this means? Have you ever placed your faith in Jesus Christ? If you’d like to talk to a pastor, just reply to this text.”

⛪ Meeting Reminders

“Bible Study at the Smiths’ starts at 7pm tonight. Please bring $5 for childcare.”

🙏🏻 Prayer Requests

“Please remember to pray for our leaders (1 Timothy 2:2) as they deal with the COVID-19 crisis.”

⚠️ Safety Alerts

“An armed and suspicious man in a green shirt has been identified in the south lobby. The police have been called. Please remain in your classrooms.”

📅 Event Reminders

“The conference begins next Monday at 9:00am. Please arrive at 8:30am and check-in in the north lobby.”

🚫 Cancellations

“Dr. Austin Rugh’s session has been cancelled due to a family emergency. Please visit the event website and register for an alternative breakout session [link].”

📋 Surveys

“How did you hear about the event? 1) Google 2) Referred by a friend 3) Website 4) Social Media.”

➡️ Follow-up

“Thank you for attending the event! Please visit our site [link] to view recordings and the speaker’s notes.”

💰 Sales

“If you’d like to learn more about parenting, you can purchase Dr. Michal Moeller’s book on Amazon here [link].”

📅 Meeting Reminders

“The staff meeting starts at 1pm in the conference room.”

📢 Announcements

“The CDC has asked us to update our hospital policies. Please read our updated staff policies here [link]”

🏥 Maintenance

“The 2nd floor south elevator will be closed for remodeling until May 3rd.”

⭐ Staff Commendation

“Nurse of the Month: congratulations to Summer McGrew for her professionalism and exceptional compassion demonstrated to her patients. Great job, Summer!”

⏱️ Shift Requests

“Can anyone cover the evening shift from 5-11pm on the 4th floor? Reply to this text.”

📅 Event Reminders

“The city water works meeting will begin at 4pm in room 512.”

🏢 City Alerts

“The city has just issued a new public health order. It includes closing some businesses. Please visit [link] for the details.”

🚫 Cancellations

“The Fourth of July firework show has been cancelled due to inclement weather.”

💪 Job Listings

“Looking for work? Pepsico: pepsicojobs.com CVS: jobs.cvshealth.com, Instacart: shoppers.instacart.com, and Kroger: jobs.kroger.com are all hiring.”

⚠️ Safety Alerts

“An armed and violent man has been identified at 70th and O. Please avoid the area until further notice.”

🚫 Closings

“The store is closing at 3pm today due to the holiday.”

📋 Contests

“Want to win a new pair of athletic shoes? Come by the store today. 1 in 10 are winners!”

📅 Event Reminders

“Come enjoy the nice weather with us this weekend at the Farmer’s Market! We’re offering a 20% discount on all our products!”

💰 Sales

“We have a new special on electric guitars! Come by for 30% off all Gibson and Fender models.”

📋 Store Feedback

“Thank you for visiting our store. What is one product that you would like to see us carry in the future?”

⭐ Employee Recognition

“Congratulations to our employee of the month, James Pelton, for his exceptional work in the warehouse!”

📅 Event Reminders

“Join our 50-year Anniversary Celebration next Monday at 7pm at the Downtown Embassy Suites.”

⏱️ Scheduling Requests

“Looking for overtime? Please reply to this text if you’re available to work this weekend.”

⚠️ Safety Alerts

“CODE YELLOW: There has been a hazardous spill in the warehouse. Please avoid the area.”

🌩️ Weather Alerts

“There have been reports of lightning nearby; please stop working and seek shelter.”

➡️ Customer Engagement

“Thank you for downloading our free guide! We would like to provide more value to you. Would you have 10 minutes to chat this week?”

⭐ Reviews

“Thank you for your purchase! If you were to recommend us to a friend, what would you say about our business?”

💰 Sales

“20% off everything! Today only! Click here [link]”

📋 Surveys

“How did you hear about us? 1) Google 2) Referred by a friend 3) Website 4) Social Media.”

💻 Webinar Reminders

“Your webinar starts in 5 minutes! Click here to join [link] and say hi when you’re in!”

📋 Announcements

“To all graduating seniors, please visit [link] to purchase your graduation cap and gown for the ceremony.”

📅 Event Reminders

“Prom has been scheduled for April 2. Please visit the school’s website for more details [link]”

⚠️ Safety Alerts

“CODE PURPLE: an armed intruder has been identified in the south end of the building. Please lock your classrooms and follow our safety procedures.”

🤝 Student Engagement

“Teacher of the Year Award: Please reply to this text with the last name of the teacher you’d like to nominate.”

🌨️ Weather Closings

“School has been cancelled today due to the snow.”

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